Baintech Automatic Car Dual 12V Battery Isolator Relay System




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The Battery Separator kit can be used in situations where two batteries are present, for example in boats, caravans and campers. The BS can also be used as a voltage-dependent switch.

The BS is a microprocessor-controlled high-power mechanical switch. If two batteries are used the BS will ‘look’ at the voltage of the primary battery. A battery that is not being charged will (in a 100% charged condition) have a voltage of approximately 12.6 V (25.2 V). when the vehicle or a boat is started the voltage will slowly increase to the maximum charging voltage of approximately 14.4V (28.8V). Once the voltage has reached 13.2 V (26.4 V) for a minimum of five seconds the BS switch will close and the auxiliary battery will also be charged. As is usual in boats, caravans etc. all accessories are connected to the auxiliary battery. When the vehicle/boat has stopped, after a while the battery voltage drops and thus the switch opens again. This happens when the voltage reaches 12.8 V (25.6 V) or lower for a minimum of 60 seconds. Therefore the primary battery always remains 100°/o charged.

The Battery Separator has a second unique function. If in your application you have a battery charger connected to your auxiliary battery (often the case in boats and campers), once the voltage of the auxiliary battery exceeds 13.2 V (26.4 V) for a minimum of 5 seconds the auxiliary battery is also charged. This is a particular advantage if you remain stationary for a long period. In this case your primary battery also remains in optimum condition and once the charger is removed the switch will open if the voltage drops below 12.8 V (25.6 V) for a minimum of 60 seconds.

If you wish to make use of the start help option the battery separator has yet another connection. If you connect the start help terminal (Status) via the start switch to the plus terminal, the separator will also switch in the auxiliary battery during starting. instead of the start switch an optional remote control panel can be supplied.

In some vehicles it is desirable that power is only available via an extra terminal when the vehicle is operating. The BS is also very easy to use in this situation by connecting one terminal (A1 or A2) to the primary battery and the other terminal (A1 or A2) to your accessories. If the battery is now charged the battery voltage will quickly rise above 13.2 V (26.4 V) and the switch will close and the accessories will be powered.

All our battery separators have a unique safety system for the auxiliary battery and the accessories. If the generator voltage regulator becomes defective, the charging voltage can rise well above the allowable battery voltage. This can/will damage the battery and the attached accessories. However the BS will immediately open the switch and prevent this unnecessary damage from occurring!

  A1 Main/primary battery plus terminal.
  A2 Auxiliary battery plus terminal or, if used as a voltage-dependent switch, the accessory terminal.
  Status 3 modes 1 - Contact on plus, relay closed.
      2 - No power on this pin, normal operation (voltage-dependent).
      3 - Contact on minus, relay remains closed.
  LED LED connection for the remote reading of the status of the relay (on or off).
  Min Earth or negative terminal. TAKE CARE! This must always be connected via a fuse of 3A, directly on the battery minus.
  Easy installation
  Start help mode
  Automatic voltage detection 12 V/24 V Power surge protection
  Bi-directional operation
  LED output Status input with 3 modes: Normal, on or off
  Small size Low power use
  Supply voltage Autodetect 12/24 V
  Connecting bolts for batteries M8
  Other terminals 6.3 mm spade terminals
  Cable recommendations Minimum 50 mm2 copper wire
  Continuous current 160 A
  Peak current 480 A/250 msec
  Switch-in voltage for 12V 13.2 V
  Switch-in voltage for 24V 26.4 V
  Switch-in delay 5 sec
  Switch-out delay 60 sec
  Fast switch-off at 11.8 V
  Fast switch-off delay 4 sec
  Switch-off for overvoltage 16 V for 12 V
    32 V for 24 V
  Complete relay Water and gas-tight
  Current use, relay passive 1.8 mA for 12 V
    2.0 mA for 24 V
  Current use, relay active 340 mA for 12 V
    170 mA for 24 V
  Switch in current use 700 mA max 100 msec
  Weight 470 g
  Dimensions (L) 108 mm x (B) 72 mm x (H) 58 mm



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