Most commonly asked questions and answers


  • What time does the sale start and end at?

4th April - 14th April. LOCAL MELBOURNE TIME


  • How many items should I add to my cart to receive my free item?

Please add your desired number of “paid” items to your cart, and the free bonus items will then be added during checkout.

Example: Joe wants to buy one torch and get one free. He adds one torch to his cart and he can see the bonus free torch has been added on the checkout page which is now showing 2 torches

Example: Leah wants to buy 2 eskys and get 2 eskys free, she adds 2 eskys to her cart and she can see the bonus 2 free eskys has been added on the checkout page, which is now showing 4 eskys


  • What if autoelec has insufficient stock to provide the second item free?

When you attempt to add this product to your cart, the sytem will automatically add 2 to the cart in the checkout screen. You will notice there will be a red error message at the top of the page, letting you know we no longer have 2 of this item in stock, so cannot offer you a bonus item. However if you change the amount in the Quantity box to 1 instead of 2 you can purchase the item at full price, then Contact us and we will refund you 50% of your item cost.


  • What if I already paid 100% for the last item remaining during the promotional period ?

Don’t worry at all, you will be refunded 50% if it is the last item remaining. Contact us at

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