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** Note ,we have some buyers contact as to their concerns with the performance of their solar panel ( be it purchased from us or not ) so we include the below guide below the specifications in this listing with the heading "What is the performance of your solar panel dependent on?" as all panels we sell are rated to stringent standards unlike "others" .

Ideal for use on larger batteries to prevent power drain caused by radio memories, clocks, alarms and onboard computers.

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 Ideal for maintaining batteries in Caravans, Motorhomes, 4WD’s & Boats.
 Prevents power drain caused by radio memories, clocks, alarms, on-board computers & battery self discharge. No more flat batteries!
 Extends your battery’s run time while in use.
 Amorphous solar cell technology, maintains the battery in peak condition, even in low light (cloudy) conditions.
 Smart control unit prevents solar discharge at night.
 Tough construction enabling the panel to withstand hailstones.
 Easy to use battery clips for direct battery connection.
 Rated Power:5 Watt
 Test Condition:1000W/m2 @ 25°C
 Open Circuit Voltage:21-22V
 Peak Power Voltage:13-16.5VDC
 Peak Power Current:340-400mA
 Short Circuit Current:500mA
 DC lead:2m
 Size:500mm x 345mm
 Q.Can the solar panel be mounted on a flat roof or wall?
 A.Yes. It is fine to mount the panel on a horizontal surface such as a roof or on a vertical surface like a wall as long as the panel receives full sun for a reasonable period of the day. You will however gain better performance if the panel is tilted toward the sun and faced in a northerly direction, since this enables the maximum amount of solar energy to reach the panel.
 Q.What appliances can I run on the solar panel?
 A. ,,

Solar panels gain all their energy from the sun and are therefore limited in their ability to operate 12V appliances directly. Although they may run very small appliances it is more common to connect the solar panel and appliance to a battery. This method is much more effective, provides a stable voltage and allows the appliance to continue to operate even if the panel is shaded.


 Q.Will the solar panel provide enough power to run my car fridge?
 A.Most portable compressor fridges use between 20-72 Amp hours of power per day (24hrs) depending on model and temperature. Since solar panels only produce their peak power for about 8 hours per day you would need approximately a 30 to 110 Watt solar panel to keep up the power being used by the fridge. Although a 5 or 12 Watt solar panel will not keep up with the power being used by the fridge it will help the battery to last longer.
 Q.What current output can I expect?
 A.The current output (mA) of the solar panel is based mostly on the available solar energy (sun rays). The current ratings (Peak Power) given in the specifications table are based on the ‘ideal’ sunlight conditions. In reality this may be achieved only on a very bright sunny day. The normal current output will therefore be a little lower. If the panel is shaded or if it is a very hot day the output will decrease further.
 Q.Will it charge my flat battery & how long will it take?
 A.The SPA400 & SPA900 are designed for ‘topping up’ and maintaining batteries only. If placed on a flattened battery it is unlikely to fully recharge the battery (except small batteries) however it may put some charge into the battery if given sufficient time.
 Q.Can I run more than one solar panel?
 A. ,,

It is possible to run multiple solar panels for higher voltage applications or for more power:


1. Placing 2 solar panels in ‘Series’ will make them suitable for use on 24V battery systems or vehicles.


2. Placing 2 or more panels in ‘Parallel’ will still make them suitable for 12V use but will provide twice as much power (current).


If you wish to use multiple panels, you will need to make the electrical connections as per the following diagrams:


 Q.How many panels will I need?
 A. ,,

If connecting panels in series you simply add the voltages: (Do not exceed 48V)


1. One panel 12V
,,,2. Two panels 24V
,,,3. Four panels 48V


 What is the performance of your solar panel dependent on?

The first factor influencing how much electrical energy you will generate is the size (otherwise known as rated power) of your solar panel. A larger panel ( more watts ) will produce more electrical energy (just as a bigger car engine has more grunt).But if we move past the obvious impact of size, the amount of energy your solar cells produce depends on how much fuel they are fed (just as the amount of energy a car engine will produce depends on how much petrol you pump into it via your foot on the throttle). In the case of solar cells, their fuel is the sun.

The amount of sun your solar cells are exposed to (and hence how much energy they will generate) depends upon:

  • The orientation and tilt of your installation (which you always try to optimise but depends on the situation)
  • Whether there are shadows cast over your panel (due to trees, buildings etc)
  • The number of daylight hours (governed by where you are located in Australia)
  • The intensity of the sunlight (governed by where you are located in Australia )
  • The number of hours of full sun vs cloudy days (governed by the weather)

If we exclude the first two factors, which you have a degree of control over, your location in Australia is the primary variable dictating how much energy your panel will produce. Hence, say a 100 watt system in Melbourne will typically not produce as much electrical energy over the year as the same system in Alice Springs.


Barcode # 9315219412058
Brand Projecta
Shipping Weight 3.1000kg
Unit Of Measure ea
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